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Why Epoxy Floors Are a Homeowner’s Best Friend

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Epoxy floors add a polished, modern look to any space. They also are easy to clean and maintain while standing up to high levels of durability.

If you are considering a remodel of your floor, consider epoxy flooring instead of other options like tiles or hardwood. It is cost-effective to revamp your flooring with an epoxy coating finish rather than removing and replacing your current floor.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy floors are surprisingly low maintenance. They are easy to sweep, vacuum and wipe clean daily. Keeping them free of dirt and grit prevents scratches on vehicles or machinery that could damage the epoxy coating underneath. Oils, antifreeze and other chemicals can be wiped up immediately to avoid them sitting on the floor too long and staining it.

Using a soft kitchen sponge and a degreasing solution like Krud Kutter will quickly clean grease, oils, or grime off your epoxy surfaces. It is recommended to use a walk-behind auto floor scrubber and a 10:1 ratio of cleaner and warm water to keep your floors looking shiny, new and fresh.

Epoxy is also great for janitor closets, as it resists moisture and stains. If you are worried about tough stains, it is advised to use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or cleaning machine that does not contain steel wool. Vinegar and citrus cleaners will slowly degloss your epoxy flooring over time, so avoiding them is important. Regular routine cleaning of your epoxy floors will help to increase their lifespan and ensure they look good at all times.


Epoxy floors add a touch of luxury to any space, creating a unique look that blends beauty and protection. With a variety of customization options and high durability, epoxy floors are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. With a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, it’s easy to create a look that suits your style. You can even add a splash of natural stone to your epoxy flooring, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Another reason why epoxy floors are a homeowner’s best friend is that they last much longer than other flooring materials. With regular maintenance and care, your epoxy floor will last for up to a decade or more. A regular maintenance routine will help to protect the floor from damage, which is particularly important in high-traffic areas or commercial settings. Proper cleaning techniques and walk-off mats can help to prevent dirt and moisture from damaging the epoxy coating. Regular inspections can also help to identify and repair any damage to the coating quickly. Additionally, a slip-resistant additive can be added to your epoxy coating, making it safer in wet or damp conditions. For all your epoxy flooring needs, including expert maintenance tips and high-quality products, you can search for professional contractors online like Statewide Epoxy and visit their website at statewideepoxy.com.au and ensure your floors stay pristine for years to come.

Easy to Maintain

One of the reasons why epoxy floors are so popular is that they’re very easy to maintain. Most of the time, a daily sweep and a weekly mop are all that is needed to keep an epoxy floor in its best shape. Sweeping removes any grit or dirt that could potentially scratch the surface.

Regular mopping with a mild detergent also helps to maintain the look of an epoxy floor. It’s important to use a detergent that doesn’t leave behind any washing solution on the floor afterward, as this can damage the surface.

Larger stains or marks can usually be removed from an epoxy floor by spraying it with a concrete degreaser and letting it soak for about 10 minutes. Once the marks are soaked, a brush or pad can be scrubbed gently to help remove them.

While an epoxy floor can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s still important to take preventative measures to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. For example, putting mats or rugs down in heavy traffic areas will help to reduce the amount of abrasions that are caused on the surface. Additionally, it is recommended that heavy furniture be lifted instead of dragged across an epoxy floor to further protect it from scratches and scuffs.


Epoxy floors can withstand the rigors of daily use, without breaking down. They can handle the pounding of wheeled vehicles, the impact of dropped tools or heavy equipment and more. Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and need to lay down your tools to work on a major project, an epoxy floor can take the beating and keep looking pristine.

They can also stand up to chemical exposure, although the specific chemicals they’re exposed to may affect how long they last. For that reason, incorporating regular inspections into your maintenance routine and taking care of any damage promptly can help extend the lifespan of your epoxy floor.

Epoxy comes in a variety of captivating finishes, including mica, quartz and metallic. You can choose the style that best accentuates your room, or dresses up practical rooms like garages, workshops and storage spaces. These floors look great and can even add to the value of your home. Just be sure to protect your investment by using felt or rubber pads on the legs of furniture or machinery in high-traffic areas, and by lifting heavy items instead of dragging them.


Epoxy floor coatings are cheaper than most other flooring options and provide the same level of protection. The cost of an epoxy floor is determined by material and labor costs, which are both typically calculated per square foot. For example, decorative additives like mica or quartz aggregate blends and metallic pigments add to the overall cost of an epoxy floor. Other customizations such as a grit additive that makes the surface more frictional and less slippery when wet can also increase the price of your Leggari floors.

The durability and beauty of an epoxy floor make it a good investment for homeowners, business owners, or anyone who wants to protect their floors from damage and prolong their lifespan. Epoxy floors also save money in the long run because they are more resistant to cracking, staining, fading and abrasion than traditional residential or commercial flooring.

When looking for a contractor to install an epoxy floor, get quotes from several companies and compare prices. Beware of low estimates that may indicate that the company is using cheap materials or is a new startup with little experience.


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