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Why Every Vehicle Should Consider Bulletproof Tires

Posted by Elaine on

A punctured tire can ruin a road trip, but bullet proof tires prevent the deflating and loss of functionality that a regular tire would experience. These run-flat tires are used in armored cars and other vehicles to ensure the safety of occupants during dangerous situations.

Despite their impressive capabilities, these tires come with high costs and practical limitations. Their focus on durability and puncture resistance reduces ride comfort, increases weight, and limits fuel efficiency.


Unlike regular tires, bulletproof tires are designed to prevent punctures caused by bullets or explosive devices. They feature reinforced sidewalls made of materials like Kevlar and steel to prevent penetration, as well as self-sealing technologies to close holes from bullets and IEDs on the road. These tires are primarily available through specialized vendors for military, law enforcement, and high-profile civilian vehicles that require extra security and reliability.

These tires are also more resilient against impact, able to withstand the force of an explosion or even a bomb blast. Some are even designed to deflect the force of a bullet and protect the vehicle from damage. Carlisle Tyrfil (https://carlisletyrfil.com) are famous for their bulletproof tires and Hakkapeliitta winter tires. This tires have incorporated Aramid fiber into their bulletproof tires to increase durability and strength. This same material is used in bulletproof vests, making the tires 20-plus-percent less likely to puncture from potholes or other road hazards.

However, it is important to note that these tires are not indestructible. According to Auto Report NG, they cannot be completely invulnerable to gunfire. They are more like run-flat tires, which keep a vehicle moving after being punctured, allowing it to travel at reduced speeds for a limited distance. This type of tire is not a good fit for everyday driving, as it can have significant limitations in terms of grip and stability.


The tires of your vehicle play a huge role in how it handles the road. With this in mind, it is important to maintain their quality and durability to ensure your safety. Bulletproof tires are the perfect option to keep in mind, as they have been designed to resist the impact of bullets or other threats. This is possible because of the special rubber that has been used to create these tires, which also includes a reinforced rim to provide additional security.

In fact, many of these tires use Kevlar-reinforced belts to withstand bullets and other IEDs. The specialized tire designs help to minimize punctures, as well. Moreover, the tires are often made from Aramid fibres to improve their strength and durability. This makes them a great choice for law enforcement and high-profile civilian vehicles.

Another advantage of these tires is their ability to function even when deflated. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures the vehicle’s mobility in critical situations. In contrast, regular tires quickly lose functionality when punctured, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Lastly, these tires can be fitted with run flat technology to prevent your vehicle from getting a flat tire in the most hazardous operating conditions. This feature allows the tire to be driven for up to 60 miles, even when it is damaged by bullets or other debris. This is ideal for armored cars, military vehicles, and trucks.


Unlike conventional tires, which can deflate after getting punctured by a bullet, the rubber of bulletproof tires can keep moving and allow the vehicle to get away from the threat. A tire made with Kevlar can withstand the force of a bullet without damage, and its strong material also helps to keep it from losing air pressure after being hit by a bullet.

While bulletproof tires aren’t available in consumer markets, they are widely used on armored cars and police vehicles. Specialized vendors make these tires for military, law enforcement and high-profile civilian applications that require a high level of security and reliability. The tires are built with reinforced sidewalls and self-sealing features that prevent penetration from regular handgun bullets and other threats.

Some bulletproof tires are designed to keep the car moving even if they have a flat tire. This allows the driver to avoid having to change a tire in a dangerous zone or at an undesirable time, allowing them to safely escape from a kidnapping or robbery. The system is called Rolling Armor and can be installed on any tubeless tire ranging from a 13″ to 22.5″.

While bulletproof tires have advantages for vehicles in high-risk situations, they can present challenges for everyday driving. They are heavier than regular tires and don’t provide the same ride comfort or handling, making them less ideal for typical commuting. Moreover, they can also lower the fuel efficiency of a vehicle.


A bulletproof tire is a kind of vehicle tire that helps you to avoid getting a flat tire while driving very fast or going on long-distance drives. This type of advanced technology is used for vehicles with heavy armor, off-road cars for military use, and regular private passenger cars for different types of individual.

The key to a bulletproof tire is that it can be used even when the tires get punctured by bullets. Most of these tires have thick rubber that can withstand the penetration from regular handgun bullets and can also stop bigger ones. They might also have a self-sealing foam lining or a solid ring on the inside.

Many armored bank trucks have run-flat tires that allow the driver to escape a dangerous area even if the tire gets punctured by a bullet or a bomb. This feature is available for many different types of vehicles, and the hummer has a special type of run-flat tire that can resist holes caused by gunfire.

These are called composite run-flat tires, and they consist of a polymer donut that is custom-made for each application, clamped around the rim of the tubeless tire. When the pneumatic tire gets punctured, the donut fills in with air so the car can continue to move. This can be a lifesaver when you are trapped in the middle of nowhere, and you need to drive to safety.