About Us


Tom & Elaine Coleman are small business coach duo with over 36 years of combined experience working with creative business owners. They specialize in startups, and their clients include musicians, artists, marketers and everything in between.

How does it all work?

We begin by clarifying the most important goals for your business and then identify the obstacles you wish to overcome. After your first session, you will feel motivated and inspired. Clients find it useful to book several follow-up appointments to ensure that they are held accountable. But we’re flexible and don’t lock anyone into time frames or contracts.

You can get small business coaching to help you:

  • Make a vision and plan for your business.
  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to authentically communicate with your ideal client by identifying your ideal customer.
  • You can create a simple yet effective marketing plan. This will give you the confidence to sell without appearing salesy.
  • Have a positive attitude about making money.
  • Learn about your strengths and the things you should delegate.
  • Do your networking in a way that is comfortable for you
  • Balance life and business.

Who are they working with?

Tom & Elaine offers business coaching in Melbourne, business mentoring, and online coaching to entrepreneurs of start-up businesses. They are experts in working with artists and spiritual teachers, and their speciality is helping clients to improve their self-belief.

Their clients are driven to create purpose-driven businesses, build meaningful relationships and make a positive impact on the world.

How are Tom & Elaine different to other business coaches?

Tom & Elaine are specialists in working with creatives. They also work with spiritual teachers and introverts.
Clients describe their coaching style and it as being intuitive, intuitive, empathic, kind, supportive. A really great balance between the two.

Do you prefer in-person coaching or online coaching?

Online coaching can be just as effective and efficient as in-person coaching. Sometimes, online coaching is actually more efficient than in-person sessions. It’s personal and efficient. It’s worth a shot if you’re still uncertain. You may be surprised. You might be surprised.

Fee for a single session

Session for 60 minutes: $625